My Projects


TinDog a fictional company to practice good layout and UX design using Bootstrap 4. It was a project where I found myself experimenting with the Bootstrap Library.


This was a fun project that allowed me to practice my javascript skills, in order to create a small drum kit with audio.


This was a very fun project that was based of the childrens game Simon. It is a memory based game, and it allowed me to cement jQuery and advanced javascripts concepts.

Node.js Todolist

First application of node.js and express.js. Hosted on heroku and includes functionality! Used for daily life to track your goals!

API Newsletter

This application was the application of the API Mailchimp into a project, to learn the syntax and rule of thumbs of including APIs. It keeps track of peoples email and names when they sign up, and is setup to send newletters to them.

Blog Website

This project was a very good application of EJS templating, and Node.js/Express.js skills to make a functional website quickly and efficiently. You can read my blog posts and there is functionality for me to add them as I go. Planning to add the times I post the blogs as well later in the future.

React Todolists

This app was practice to understand component tree management. It is a simple todo list with onclick event listeners that remove items from the list. Since it has no back-end with a refresh the list items will be cleared, so if you want a more permanent list just go to the nodejs todolist project I made above.

React Notetaker

This is a note keeper project, implemented with React. It includes everything I was taught in my udemy course. Such as, react hook, component tree management, array functions, ES6 syntax and much more.